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For your review, here is the disease outreach focus of P&E Associates’ and National Physician and Family Referral (NPFR) for Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment Outreach:


Outreach Diseases

 Group I: Prostate Cancer, BPH, Erectile Dysfunction, Advanced Prostate Cancer, Incontinence and prevention (P&E/NPFR)

 Group II:  Cancers:  Breast, Kidney, Colon, Lung (Respiratory), Mantle Cell (P&E/NPFR)

 Group III: Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's and  Dementia   (P&E)

 Group IV:  HIV- A.I.D.S., Hepatitis,  Obesity and Child Obesity (P&E)

 We want to see if there may be a fit for collaboration to meet each of our 2006 goals.

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