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P&E Associates specializes in clinical trials outreach which comfortably translates to PRODUCT LAUNCH Consultants to minority markets.  We work with client sites and target cities to database  opportunities far beyond the traditional direct mail list. Our expertise is collecting databases and surveying attitude, knowledge, likelihood to buy and get on-site focus groups of “man on the street African Americans.” ,  We strive to educate at the same time about  new products and the company, in order that they might become more comfortable about participating in your recruitment and promotion efforts. Our focus is Community, Patient and Media (Educational) Outreach to Specialized Markets.

P&E Associates works to INCLUDE African American and minority patient populations in important product launches in order to help insure universal compatibility; especially for new health products related to those diseases which may disproportionately affect African Americans, Hispanic or Native Americans.

If you have a new product which may require inclusion of African Americans and other minority populations in evaluating your  target market studies, P&E Associates can help outreach for numbers, site support or for more effective minority market accessibility.


We have three programs that include:

OUTREACH FOR NUMBERS: We take you where large numbers of minorities gather and help develop  outreach to hundreds of thousands of minorities.

OUTREACH FOR CITIES: We work with Key Cities for outreach opportunities to reach local (city) minority populations with information about new product launches.

OUTREACH FOR MAJOR BUYER SUPPORT: We develop events for physicians and major buyers of the product.  We plan  outreach strategy for community networking and we develop minority-based partnerships to facilitate information distribution and product knowledge to  minorities.


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