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 Business Prospecting and

Market Research Consulting

We believe that with vast cutbacks and reorganization in marketing departments, or disbursement of key sales expertise to other areas of the company, a Client utilizing professional Consultants to provide  CRITICAL, REAL-TIME DATA directly from minority communities is essential to survival. It saves in overhead, office expenses, employee benefits and other employee perks and brings quality leads to you at low costs.

Our Consultants work with Client’s  to develop local programs and events specific to the diverse audiences to be reached. 

Consultants also  generate quality community leader leads (for City campaigns), including thought leaders within each community.  And,  by surveying community health executives,   medical icons or decision-makers: CEO, CFO and COO, etc. to determine if they can benefit from your product or services.   We document those who qualify for a 3-minute teleconference follow-up  and gage their interest in your company calling them BACK to provide more information .  We can also set up conference calls from our first round leads.

 Business Prospecting

Understanding that this highest level of contact takes several calls to reach decision-maker, P&E Associates delivers leads to clients on a weekly basis or within 36 hours of receipt of lead.

A minimum of two- three Consultants will be assigned to your project, each working with TARGETED Cities and contact information provided from Client or developed by our company.

P&E Associates provides "Quality Business Prospecting Leads" This means we give you a decision-maker or key representative of decision-maker who can schedule conference call (with deciding individual, group or committee), and one who verbally agrees to speak with your company’s Representative on call-back in order to do so.

A customized presentation will be given to companies interested in expanding their clinical trials patient education and recruitment program

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Ethnic Market Research

 Consultants generate quality community-based leads by surveying within large face-to-face gathering raw data through 2-3 types of interviews. We document those who qualify for follow-up, and gage their interest in your company calling them BACK to provide more information on a product or develop couponing markets.

Understanding that this is ground zero market research, we  reach the ethnic minority culture at home for real answers about your and opportunity for follow-up, P&E Associates delivers leads to clients on a per-event basis.

with deciding individuals, groups or  families we can also provide data about individuals one who agrees to speak with your company’s Representative on call-backs or promotional offers.